Conceptual Systems is known for its strategic development approach to careers and competence. We help organizations create and use competency models to identify critical needs. But we don't stop there. We also design systems for individuals and managers to plan development around those current and future competencies. What sets us apart is our systems approach:

1. Assess and survey organizational needs.
We study both overall and specific circumstances in identifying possible problems and designing outcomes.

2. Examine the human resource environment.
We look at the existing human resource structures, problems, goals.

3. Evaluate the organizational culture and key stakeholders.
We study the unique set of human and organizational dynamics in recommending strategies for change.

4. Design critical interventions.
We address the specific challenges by creating processes that assess, develop, leverage and deploy the right people with the right competencies... now and for the future.

5. Create an implementation strategy.
For each intervention, we develop, pilot, evaluate, and revise. This means not only the development initiative, but the internal marketing and rollout strategies as well.