January, 2004

CSI Teams with JDS Uniphase on Strategic Development

JDSU, like many other Hi Tech companies has gone through difficult times.  The first challenge JDSU faced was how to communicate their new, long term strategy to an organization recently focused on short term survival tactics.  The second was how to insure that, when the employment market improved, JDSU would be able to retain the core talent critical to moving JDSU forward.

JDSU and CSI realized that to be successful the approach had to closely involve managers.  In a lean organization nobody is going to do anything that management does not sanction and encourage.  CSI’s Development 21™ Process was the answerThis process started by asking managers to translate corporate strategy into business challenges facing their organization.  “What challenge does it present to my organization if the strategy is to enter a new market or to move to lower cost manufacturing.”  “What do we need to do more of, less of or differently in the way we do business.”  Once these challenges were identified the next step was to determine the competencies required to meet the challenge, and finally to ask if they were present in the team.

Some would argue this is just good business and resource planning, and indeed it is, but few see it as a gateway to inviting employees to create focused development plans.  That, in fact, is the next step in the Development 21 Process.  At JDSU, managers were trained to conduct a one hour team briefing to help their team discover for themselves how they fit into the big picture, and in what areas development was needed to meet corporate goals.  The result was individual development plans focused on the future…good business and good employee relations too!

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CSI Announces WorkTeam Advantage™ Career Development Software

CSI has been creating on line development systems since 1979 – that's right, since before the IBM PC was announced!  We are pleased to announce the development of the newest and most user friendly system yet – WorkTeam Advantage™.  This system is based on our highly successful Development 21 Workshops for Employees and Managers.  If you would like more information about WorkTeam Advantage™ v.7 please sign up for e-mail updates or give us a call at 301-774-9700 and don't forget to visit us at ASTD May 24-26 in Washington, DC.

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