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1. The organization can create an unlimited number of "clones" of the WTA system for different units in the company. For example, you could have one WTA system for marketing, one for IT, etc., each with different competencies sets.

2. The organization can "preload" organizational assessment information (Industry Trends, Organizational Strategy, etc.). This would be available for each "cloned" system, too.

3. The manager will be able to make the results of their organizational assessment, as documented in their worksheets, available to employees they select. This will serve as an additional reference for the employees.

4. The WTA editor will allow multiple developmental resources and ideas for each competency, each selectable by the employee to add to their development plan.

5. WTA will allow the archiving of unlimited development plans per user.

6. 95% of the content can now be edited by the organization.

7. Users self register for the system or the the organization can register users via company databases.