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The Strategic Development Plan
Let's start at the end. WTA is designed to help employees create a development plan focused on meeting their needs and, at the same time, meeting the needs of the organization. When completed, the plan can be printed, emailed, or simply saved for later revisions.

Ease of use was one of our most important design criteria. The best way to prove the point is to take a "test drive" of the system. You will find it intuitive and easy to navigate.

The system contains 5 modules, each covering a part of
strategic development process. The user can use the modules one at a time or in any order.

WTA Express

One of the things we learned over the years was that some users have some background in development planning. They may have attended one of our workshops, or have been thinking about development already. WTA Express allows the user to “get to the heart” of the process quickly and to document what they already know. If, however they find they need help the system allows them to request help though our unique “Here’s How” button. This immediately takes the user to an activity that will help them get the information they need. If they prefer, users can select to go through WTA "Step-by-step".

WTA provides this option for those who want to take their time and work through many of the questions raised by Development Planning. Step-by-Step is a series of activities that users complete walking them through the WTA process. Additional help is available through our unique "Here's How" option.

Here's How
All WTA worksheets have a "Here's How" feature. If employees do not know how to answer a question, or can not provide the information requested, they simply click on "Here's How" for more detail and guidance.

Development Plan Archives
Every time a user works on a Development Plan WTA will ask for it to be named. The plan will then be saved in the Archive. Employees can keep as many plans as they wish. From the Home Page or Archive, employees will be able to delete, rename, print, or email a plan.

Manager Module
New to this system is a module for managers. They play a critical role in the process. This module steps them though the process that supports their employees. They learn how to identify workgroup challenges, critical competencies, how to brief their workgroup on development priorities, and how to hold successful development discussions.

Online Assessments – Competencies, Interests, Values
Self-assessment is the cornerstone of any development plan. WTA provides on line assessment of personal and work values, career interests using the Self-Directed Search by John Holland, and competencies. But that is not all, WTA also leads the user through the assessment of the organization so that they understand the context in which they are planning their development.

Going through the development planning steps takes time and effort. It is best accomplished over a week or two. WTA allows the user to leave the system and come back to exactly where they left off. No hunting through menus or re-entering information.

On many of the WTA pages, background information is available from the "WTA Coach". Users simply click on "Coach".

One of the concerns all users have is whether the system is confidential. It is. Completely. We use the latest Internet security approaches to insure the integrity of the system and its results.

Internet Based Delivery via ISP
This is a major breakthrough. The system will be delivered to your organization via the Internet. All the technical worries are ours. All you need to do it announce the system's availability.