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For Employees:
After using the WTA Software, Employees will:

  • Understand the context (business challenges) facing their organization.
  • Translate those business challenges into personal development objectives.
  • Know their values, competencies, and career interests.
  • Create a draft Development Plan.
  • Know how to approach a development discussion with their manager.
  • Know how to take action on their development plan.
  • Understand the importance of updating their plan and keeping it current.

  • For Managers:
    After using the WTA Software, Managers will:

  • Describe the business challenges facing their organization
  • Define critical competencies required by their team to meet those challenges.
  • Understand the career development planning process.
  • Conduct "development briefings" with their organization to provide the context for employee career development planning and to challenge employees to plan in that context.
  • Know, and have practiced, the five critical coaching skills required to help employees create development plans: Give Business Insight; Challenge, Direct and Motivate; Give Perspective and Support; Sustain Progress; and Establish a Supportive Climate.